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Benzalkonium chloride

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Product Information

Benzalkonium chlorides (BACs) are chemicals with widespread applications due to their broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Hear this out loud Benzalkonium chloride is a quaternary ammonium antiseptic and disinfectant with actions and uses similar to those of other cationic surfactants. It is also used as an antimicrobial preservative for pharmaceutical products.

This cosmetic ingredient is not a sensitizer to normal humans at concentrations of 0.1%, but may be to individuals with diseased skin. It is concluded that Benzalkonium Chloride can be safely used as an antimicrobial agent at concentrations up to 0.1%.

Hear this out loud Benzalkonium chloride (BAC or BKC) is a non-toxic substance used to control pests. Recently, BAC has been increasingly used as a component in humidifier disinfectants in Korea, raising a serious health concern. Moreover, it poses significant health hazards to workers handling the chemical because of direct exposure